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Convergence: Fixers, Super Fixers and Shadow Facilitators

IASC Senior Fellow Douglas Farah takes you inside the social networks that operate within illicit commodity chains, and their importance to functioning of transnational criminial enterprises in this chapter of the book Convergence: Illicit Networks in the Age of Globalization,  published by the Center for Complex Operations at National Defense more

Maritime Taiwan and Power Transition in Asia

Read John Tkacik's chapter on Maritime Taiwan and Power Transition in Asia in Peter C.Y. Chow's new book, "The US Strategic Pivot to Asia and Cross-Strait Relations."read more

The Murder of Alberto Nisman

by Douglas Farah

March 16th, 2015

Now available in Spanish.  Whether or not the Fernández de Kirchner government had a direct hand in Nisman’s killing, it deliberately and systematically created the environment in which the assassination could take place with impunity, and the integrity of the justice system is compromised.

read moreread more

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