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Terrorism, Homeland Security & Government Projects

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Selected areas of support to the US government, and sample reports and briefings include:

Critical US Infrastructure

  • o   Design and support of a unique intelligence fusion center within the Department of Homeland Security to assess and counter threats against U.S. critical infrastructure
  • o   U.S. global positioning satellite (GPS) & emergency communications policy options/DHS
  • o   Incentives for private sector risk mitigation investment in the U.S. telecommunications sector (jointly with Wharton Business School)/DHS
  • o   Analysis of Space-based Radar (SBR) applications for U.S. homeland security/DHS
  • o   Analytical and program support related to foreign ownership, control and influence over U.S. critical infrastructure for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)/DHS
  • o   China’s Information Warfare Threat to U.S. Critical Infrastructure/DHS
  • o   Analytical and Program support for Critical Infrastructure Protection Risk Assessment "Red Team"
  • o   Support to Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism / Panama National Security Council / DHS & OAS

Radical Islam

  • o   Briefing: Tablghi Jamaat: Gateway Group to Radical Islam /Department of Justice
  • o   Briefing on Muslim Brotherhood: Networks, Denial & Deception /FBI & DOJ
  • o   Analytic and Investigative support re Emerging Trends & International Terrorism/DHS
  • o   Support relating to various terror finance networks and investigations/ DHS, DOJ, US Attorney's offices, other agencies
  • o   Analytic support for Radicalization initiative/ DHS and interagency

Biosurveillance, Cyber-bio Interface and Infectious Diseases

  • o   Support & design for various bio-surveillance & modeling initiatives/DHS
  • o   Support of U.S. strategy and response for Avian flu pandemic and other bio-threats/DHS
  • o   Support to National Bio-surveillance Information System and Workforce Protection Program/DHS

East Asian Security

  • o   Studies, briefings and training materials relating to East Asian security issues/CIA, DNI
  • o   Open-source analysis of PRC military modernizations /House Armed Services Committee
  • o   PRC Foreign Military Acquisitions & Military–Technical Cooperation/US China Economic & Security Review Commission

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