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Bank Liability Under the Anti-Terrorism Act
Dispelling the “Routine Banking Services” Defense in Material Support Cases

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by Stephen I. Landman
Published on February 2nd, 2008

Historically, the responsibility for punishing individuals and entities that aided terrorists has fallen to the government.  President Bush picked up where previous administrations had left off and implemented an “unprecedented international campaign to deter and dismantle the sources of terrorist financing.”  Since that time, both the executive and legislative branches have publicly directed law enforcement officials to remain pro-active in pursuing terrorists and their private supporters. As a result of this focus, government prosecutors have announced “substantial progress not only in disrupting the activities of potential terrorists and their supporters but closing off whole avenues that terrorists have used to sustain themselves in the United States.”  Despite these achievements, impediments to destroying the terrorist’s financial infrastructure still remain.  The war on terrorist finances is virtually without borders, and must be fought accordingly. The United States has devoted tremendous federal resources to shutting down the financiers of terrorist groups and has been largely successful.  Private citizens victimized by acts of terrorism believe that more can still be done. They have taken up arms against this support structure, focusing their attention on the one industry that is vital to terrorist organizations—financial institutions.

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