IASC Team Members

Hon. Edward T. Timperlake
Senior Fellow, Technology Assessment and Security
Edward Timperlake is recognized authority on technology, security and foreign affairs and Research Fellow, U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Lab - Quanticoread more
John J. Dziak
Senior Fellow, Counterintelligence and Strategic Technology
Jack Dziak leads IASC’s work on technology security, strategic denial and deception and countermeasures.read more
June Teufel Dreyer
Research Fellow, Asian Affairs
June Teufel Dreyer is a noted authority on China, Taiwan and Japanread more
Mark A. Stokes
Military Technology Fellow
Col. Stokes brings to IASC’s Asian military technology and policy work his 25 years of experience in Asia and a broadly recognized expertise in Chinese air, missile and space programs. read more
Stephen C. Coughlin
Visiting Fellow, National Security Law
Stephen Coughlin is a noted specialist on Islamic law, ideology and strategic information.read more
Harvey Rubin
Senior Fellow, Medical Sciences and Biosecurity
Harvey Rubin leads IASC's support work on biomedical research, warning and response, including pandemics, biosurveillance and related topics for federal agency consumers.read more
Katsuhisa Furukawa
Senior Fellow, International Assessment and Strategy Center
Katsuhisa Furukawa is an IASC Senior Fellow/Japan.  Mr. Furukawa is currently on leave for government service.read more
Simon P. Worden
Senior Fellow, Space, Cybersecurity and Information Policy
Simon "Pete" Worden is one of the nation's leading authorties on civilian and military space policy, and cybersecurity.  Gen. Worden is currently on leave for government service as Director of NASA Ames Research Center.read more
Jeffrey Breinholt
2007-2008--Senior Fellow and Director of National Security Law (2007-8)
Jeffrey Breinholt, one of the Nation's leading prosecutors of terror financing, leads IASC's National Security Law Program.read more
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