Thomas DiNanno
Senior Fellow, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Thomas DiNanno is IASCís Senior Fellow for Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection. From June 2004 to March 2007, Mr. DiNanno served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where he was responsible for Homeland Security initiatives to identify and protect the nationís critical infrastructure. These projects included: nuclear power security programs; development and implementation of regulations to identify and protect high risk chemical sites; management of the National Communications System; the creation of a multi-year grant program to identify and secure high risk sites; security initiatives to protect at-risk infrastructure including dams, commercial properties, and iconic targets; and, design and implementation of certain intelligence, risk analysis and scenario planning activities, as well as "insider threat" and continuity of government issues. DiNanno also served as a key architect of the DHS and Business Community interface, notably the establishment of multiple Sector Coordinating Councils.

Previously Mr. DiNanno served as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Department of Homeland Security, and in the White House Office of Homeland Security as Director of Corporate Relations November 2001 to March 2003, reporting to Governor Tom Ridge. He is one of the Administrationís foremost experts on corporate and government interaction in the post 9/11 era, and has lectured and spoken extensively to corporate and university audiences and trade associations on the topic. DiNanno has also represented the United States in bilateral initiatives involving cooperation between the private sector and government infrastructure and counter-terrorism initiatives, both in Latin America and Canada and in Europe.

At IASC, Mr. DiNannoís work focuses on Homeland Security programs and counter-terrorism initiatives and training programs which involve close interaction with corporate policy and governance in the private sector.

Mr. DiNanno received his MS in Business and Urban Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999, an MA in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA in International Relations the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy in 1993. He received the BA in Economics and Latin American Studies from Middlebury College in 1989. He has also participated in professional training in intelligence policy development at the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC., and at the Foreign Service Institute, U. S. Department of State.

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